Zappa - A world of live music UX + UI


The Zappa Club is a venue for live music shows and concerts.  

The challenges as described by the company when I was asked to improve their user experience and web site:

  • The website didn't deliver the right vibe for their users
  • The website didn't give users the ability to find their next show in a quick and easy way



The vibe:

After I did some research on music clubs, I came up with an idea to improve the user experience for the visitors of the site by installing cameras in the club, to record the shows and the audience. Then to have the shows played on the website so users can view them and get into the vibe, energy and feel of the club and feel excited for the upcoming show they are going to see.


Finding a show:

Using Pinterest like layout I was able to give the users the ability to scan the web site and browse through easily to quickly find the next show they wished to book.

The website was previously built in a different style of lists of show and it was hard to find information quickly.