Spitball - UX


A study platform for students

Spitball's study platform enables students to find and share study materials, chat with their classmates, create online quizzes and achieve better grades.
One of the first tasks I received when I started at Spitball was to create a Spitball app.


Since I was new I had to understand a couple of things about the users:

  • How do they consume learning information on mobile?
  • What are their usage habits and what applications do they use?
  • How they use the Spitball website?
  • What are the common actions they perform on the website ?
  • What is their intent and what they want to accomplish?

After gathering the information on the users I was able to create the application structure, which included all the screens flow that users would be going through.

Spitball app screens flow


The Wireframes

  1. First step - registration process
    • Home screen
    • Sign up/Log In
    • Choosing a university
    • Choosing a class
  2. Second step - internal screens
    • The Dashboard - that contains classes and study groups that user’s follows

    • The classes feed - share study materials asking question and receiving or giving answers

    • Class documents - upload study materials, preview and write annotation

    • Quizzes - solve quizzes and write annotation


Spitball on boarding wireframes


Spitball app wireframes