Emotivo - UX+UI


An iOS social app that gives Twitter users the ability to reply/post by voice

You can be a talented and articulated writer and convey a message and your feelings in words but not all people are as articulated as you. Sometimes words are not enough to express how you're feeling: sad, happy or even cynical. For example, if you write the word "wow", someone who reads it will think you are very enthusiastic but from your point of view you’re “wow” was cynical.

In voice messages your words receive the right meaning along with the voice and intonation.


The challenge:

Having Twitter users leave their favorite app and use Emotivo instead, for posting to Twitter by voice.


The solution:

Attract Twitter users who are looking for innovation by offering new features that the Twitter app doesn't have and giving them a new way to easily and quickly post without the need to waste time typing while looking at their phone screen. They can post using voice while driving, walking and so on.

Using user experience that the users are familiar with and feel at home with from their Twitter app. Trying to maintain visibility and usability very similar to the Twitter app with the added voice post option.