Asset Screen in a trading platform mobile app


UFX - Trading Platform

Make faster, better informed trading decisions with UFX’s MassInsights™ Technology. Offering a live stream of market events, news, and aggregated trader behaviour – showing you what matters NOW.


About the project

My task was to test the wireframes and decide whether the screen meets the user's primary goal without any distractions.  The second part was to create a clean and sleek UI design base on my decision by keeping the brand colors and fonts.


Analyze the screen UX

  • Removing distractions from the screen in order to maximize the user's focus in achieving their goal (Mgenta dot's)
  • Reorganization by the importance of information to build motivation for action

The Decisions:

Asset Name

  • At the top of the screen - The user can understand where he is, even when he lost his focus

X Button

  • Communicates to the user that he is about to abort/close the process


  • The graph is the first piece of information the user should see in order to understand the asset status

Call To Action

  • By defining the CTA area the user has the ability to decide his actions quickly and easily

  • This area is at the bottom of the screen to easily navigate and reach with the user’s thumb

Related Assets

  • I decided to minimize this section in order not to disturb the user to accomplish his goal but still to allow quick access to this section with a “swipe up” gesture   
Asset Screen